Ein komprimiertes Bild von mir, 2022 Name: Philip Kaluđerčić
Studiengang:Informatik, Jahrgang 2017
IRC: pkal oder zge (ircbox) in #faui2k17, #i4sp{1,2} und #i8 im IRCNet
Matrix: @oj14ozun:fau.de
Gitlab: oj14ozun
Büro: 01.155-113, üblich am cip1e1 ()
Sprechzeiten: Nach Vereinbarung

Willkommen auf meiner persönlichen CIP-Seite!

About in English, Inglés, Anglaise, आंग्ल, Английский, 英語 , אנגלית, &c.
This is my personal university (sub-)website, hosted by my local computer laboratory. This services is kindly provided by our local administrators, and all us students can make use of. The Leitmotiv of my site boils down to a collection of various computer science and university related stuff (experiments, scripts, monographs, references, ....) that might be of interest to other students of computer science — or at least my future me. Please do not take the contents of this site too seriously, a lot of this is intentionally and consciously satirical. But I also honestly have fun playing around with a traditional web format, sharing my thought with others and participating in a small local community; I can only recommend trying it out, given your own means. Feel free to contact me if there is interest in any German content on my sub-site, or otherwise.

↪ Ich bin am zuverlässigstem per Email oder IRC erreichbar. Sollte ich nicht innerhalb von 2–3 Tagen antworten, schreibe mir bitte nochmal.

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