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CIP-Pool Rules and Regulations

The computer rooms’ rules and regulations are not there to spoil anyone's fun. We have a large number of students all using the same facilities, so it is important that there are some procedures in place, which help to maintain the smooth running of the computer rooms. Computers are provided for use in support of approved course work, and should be treated as a shared work tool, rather than a means of passing the time between classes.

All users must behave in a manner that respects their fellow students, staff and equipment. In addition to the normal university regulations, the following points must be obeyed:

No Food or Drinks

Eating and drinking is not allowed in the CIP-Pools in order to keep keyboards, mice and tables as clean as possible and to prevent damage. Except: Water.

Wash your hands and do not touch the monitors

For hygienic reasons and in order to keep the keyboards and mice clean, please wash your hands before working on the computers. Also we ask you not to touch the monitors with your fingers, pencils, pens etc. It causes fingerprints on the display or even more serious damage. Use the mouse cursor instead!

Cleanliness and lost property

Take all your belongings with you. If you want to store your belongings, use nearby shelves or lockers located in, e.g. the first floor or second floor (CIP2). For Lost and Found, see the secretary (room 02.155-113, opposite to CIP2).

Do not tamper with the hardware

Do not tamper with CIP-Pool equipment (this includes but is not limited to the following):

Charging personal laptops is only allowed using the power sockets marked with „für Laptops” (german for „for laptops”) located near the windows.

No laptops on the wired network

It is okay to have laptops in the CIP-Pool and be on the wireless network, they just can't be physically plugged into our jacks.

Do not install software

Software installation is handled by the admins only. Users are forbidden from installing software into their home-directories or other writeable directories. For practical reasons and since computer science would be somewhat harder without them, there are several exceptions:

Use computers and network moderately and considerately

Please refrain from activities that endanger the security, stability and/or usability of our systems, e.g. through excessive computations or network traffic.

For larger computations please contact us beforehand so we can discuss if what you intend to do is appropriate for our systems. In general using the HPC capacities available in the university is preferable. We do not hesitate to terminate computations if they cause problems for other users or hardware, including high room temperatures, even after we approved your plans.


The printers' trays are refilled on a regular basis. If one of the printers is empty or is stuck, please inform the administrators. Left behind print-outs are removed every day at 10 pm. You can add funds to your printing account at the secretariat in the second floor of the blue CS-Building (room 02.155-113, opposite to CIP2).


The CIP-Pools are used for undisturbed work. Please avoid loud conversations and music. If you want to listen to music, headphones are required. Make calls outside. During declared courses in the CIP-Pools the noise level may be higher, however.


All CIP-Pool doors will be closed and locked at closing and may not be propped or left open at any time. Propping the doors open is a safety and security issue, and may result in the closing of your account.

To gain 24/7 access to the CIP-Pools, see door lock system.

Video surveillance of CIP-Pools

All computer labs are monitored by 24 hour video surveillance. Please be aware of this.

Do not remove tables or chairs

Do not remove furniture (chairs, computers, tables/desks, etc.) from the CIP-Pools. Also, do not rearrange furniture in the CIP-Pools.

Violation of any of the mentioned CIP-Pool rules may result in CIP-Pool privileges being suspended!