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User Accounts

A user account is necessary to log in to our computer systems. There are different ways to get an account.

All accounts in our CIP-Pool are only valid for the CS department CIP-Pool.


A student account is valid for the time you are enrolled at the university.

Application Process

Details will be provided in one of your first lectures or in a preparatory course. If you need any special assistance or are not a student, please visit one of our consultation hours. Please bring your student ID card and a government-issued photo ID.

Expiration of your Student Account

Your student account expires within half a year after the end of your enrollment. You will be informed about the expiration by a message displayed on each login. Please copy all filesystem data you intend to keep to your home computer.

Technical Details

Your username or login name will be the same as for your IDM account, printed on your student ID card (under "Benutzerkennung"). Filesystem data, email and password are managed separately.


Staff accounts use a different application process and may be linked to the accounts of certain CS department chairs.

Temporary Accounts

For short events with users that usually do not need a more permanent account, we can also provide temporary accounts. Please contact us for details.